Page Turners

Here is a list of books that have been shared on KMA's Page Turners with the Shenandoah Public Library.

Friday, November 21, 2014

aired the week of December 15, 2014

A Nantucket Christmas by Nancy Thayer follows Nicole and her new husband Sebastian as they try to create the perfect first Christmas in spite of Sebastian's daughter from his first marriage who is scheming to try and get her parents back together in time for the birth of her second child.

aired the week of December 8, 2014

A Quilt for Christmas by Sandra Dallas tells the story of Eliza Spooner who lives in northeast Kansas during the Civil War.  She is making a quilt for her husband who is fighting with the Kansas Volunteers. But there are so many decisions she has to make now as the head of her house.

aired the week of December 1, 2014

Three Story House by Courtney Miller Santo tells the story of three cousins, Lizzie, Isobel and Elyse as they travel to Memphis to help Lizzie save her family home, Spite House from the wrecking ball.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

aired the week of November 24, 2014

I Shall Be Near to You by Erin Lindsay McCabe is a work of historical fiction set during the early days of the Civil War.  Rosetta decides to follow her husband Jeremiah when he enlists with the Union Army.  She cuts her hair dons men's clothes and joins up as Private Ross Stone.

aired the week of November 17, 2014

Landline by Rainbow Rowell tells the story of Georgie who is missing the family Christmas trip to Omaha to work on her new sitcom.  Her husband Neal is hurt and Georgie is afraid it is the end of her marriage.  Then she finds an old landline in her childhood bedroom that will connect her to Neal in the past.  Maybe she can repair the future with this old phone.

aired the week of November 10, 2014

Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott introduces Sam Capra who works at the CIA field office in London.  When the office is blown up it looks like Sam is the traitor or maybe his pregnant wife is behind it.  Sam knows that isn't true, but how will he find the responsible party when the CIA is holding him in custody?