Page Turners

Here is a list of books that have been shared on KMA's Page Turners with the Shenandoah Public Library.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner is a wonderful novel written in diary format by Sarah Agnes Prine a perfect example of the strong women who helped settle and tame the frontier. This diary takes place in the Arizona territory between 1881-1901. In it Sarah records all that happens in her life the struggles she and her family face and her love of books and learning. You laugh with Sarah and cheer for her as she mounts seemingly insurmountable odds and cry with her at the heartbreak and trouble she faces. It is a well written novel that transports the reader to Arizona Territory at that wild and untamed time. I can't wait to get time to read the sequel!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

298) CATHEDRAL OF THE SEA—Ildefonso Falcones—Set in and around Barcelona in the 1300s, this is a fine, and lengthy, book for those into historical fiction. While the dust jacket refers to Ken Follett, and by extension his 'cathedral book', I think it is unjustified. While the principal character is Arneau Estanyol, the focus remains on Barcelona, its people, customs, religion, beliefs and the determination of the people to live. Love, hate jealousy, revenge, honor and friendship all find their place in this epic of 60 plus years along with good times and bad, the plague, inquisition, oddities of the nobility and warring kings. Well researched many places and events are based on fact with subtle changes to fit the fictionalization; and for those critics who complain about some portrayals, I think they should remember the author is giving a report of the time with examples of what actually occurred; it does no mean the author condones them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

THE LAST PATRIOT—Brad Thor—Using a riviting thriller as a vehicle, Brad Thor explores militant, extremist Islam suggesting inroads it might be making to become the dominant religion in the world. A fictional last message from Mohammad is discovered, one he was prevented from giving due to his murder; and Thomas Jefferson’s efforts to find and translate it form the background of the modern plot. A delightful history lesson of the Barbary Coast, the marines at Tripoli, the U.S. reaction to pirates are all part of the background as Scott Harvath tries to piece together the various clues to the mystery before Islam takes another huge step forward. A book which should be read to understand the current terrorist threat to the U.S. and the world today, a great fun, fast read.

Legally Dead by Edna Buchanan - In this stand alone novel by one of my favorite mystery authors Michael a U.S. Marshal with the witness protection program becomes disillusioned after several young girls are killed. He quits his job and moves to Florida looking for meaning and purpose. He finds it when he helps a deserving man flee his horrible life and start over. Now though Michael's witnesses are dying and someone is pointing the finger at him. Who hates him that much? This is a fast paced adventure with lots of action.

Monday, August 11, 2008

THE DANGEROUS DAYS OF DANIEL X—James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge—Patterson fans are not pleased with this incredibly rapid read, one created for the teen and perhaps pre-teen set. Approached with an open mind, though, it’s quick and fun with a ‘quick witted’ teenage boy as hero and his mission, as an alien, is to destroy aliens on Earth who (which?) are interested in destroying Earth.. Some wonderful values are touched on, even a plug for libraries, as our hero fights for his life with the totally evil #6. A quick check of gives a clue to the reason for this and the books in the series to follow; to engage younger readers in reading, using topics that interest them to lure them into the pleasure of the written word. It’s not the James Patterson of the Alex Cross series or many other things, however the authors extend their writing skills through a different genre.