Page Turners

Here is a list of books that have been shared on KMA's Page Turners with the Shenandoah Public Library.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

aired the week of August 7, 2017

The Hideaway by Lauren K. Denton is a rundown former bed and breakfast in Sweet Bay, Alabama that Sara has just inherited from her grandmother Mags.  In her will Mags makes the stipulation that Sara must return the old house to its former glory before she sells it.  As she works on the house, Sara uncovers a whole other side to her eccentric grandmother.  Told in alternating viewpoints, The Hideaway is a nice summer beach read.

aired the week of July 31, 2017

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda is a suspenseful thriller with a twist.  It is told backward starting at Day 15 and working back to Day 1 when  Annaleise goes missing after leaving a message with the police asking about a 10-year-old cold case involving a teenage girl that disappeared after a night at the county fair.

aired the week of July 24, 2017

White Stallion of Lipizza by Marguerite Henry is a 1964 classic children's book about young Hans Hapt who dreams about being more than just a baker in Vienna, Austria.  He wants to ride one of the magnificent white Lipizzaner stallions he sees every day as he makes his bakery rounds.  Someday he will learn the secret to how they perform their airs above the ground. 

I challenge you to remember a beloved childhood classic and  pick it up for a read, or share it with a child or grandchild.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

aired the week of July 17, 2017

The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick is the story of Anna Harris who finding her employer murdered takes off across country changing her name and finding a job as a reporter for a gossip rag in California.  But murder is following Anna as the source she is going to talk to is found dead in the swimming pool of a swanky California hotel.  Set in the 1930s this historical romance is filled with mystery and intrigue.

aired the week of July 10, 2017

All That's Left to Tell by Daniel Lowe is the story of mid-level PepsiCo executive Marc Laurent who gets himself sent to Pakistan for a while following his divorce.  While there he is abducted and held for ransom.  During his imprisonment he meets Josephine his interrogator and together they build a bond telling stories about Marc's daughter Claire.

aired the week of July 3, 2017

Karolina's Twins by Ronald H. Balson is the story of Lena Woodward, an elderly woman from Chicago who survived the Holocaust in Poland.  She is looking for the twin daughters of her best friend.  They were lost in the chaos of war.  But, Lena's son Arthur doesn't want his mother to continue what he considers a wild goose chase.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

aired the week of June 26, 2017

The Book of Polly by Kathy Hepinstall is an irreverent southern story with strong female characters fighting that mother daughter relationship.  Polly is 55 when her daughter Willow is born and Willow is very concerned that her mother will up and die leaving her all alone.  If only Willow can find out about Polly's past, maybe that will help her forge a future.

aired the week of June 19, 2017

A Cold Day in Paradise by Steve Hamilton introduces Alex McKnight a former Detroit police officer who has moved to Paradise, Michigan to get away from a horrific past.  Unfortunately for Alex his past is about to track him down in the form of the man who almost killed him and did succeed in killing his partner.  It is up to Alex to figure out what is going on.

aired the week of June 12, 2017

The Thing About Love by Julie James is a romantic romp featuring FBI special agents Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd as they work together on a corruption case.  Never mind that they haven't gotten along since the academy, the sparks are flying.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

aired the week of June 5, 2017

The Burning by Jane Casey is a British police procedural.  Detective Constable Maeve Kerrigan is working on tracking a killer the media has dubbed the burning man.  A new victim has just been discovered and  Maeve sees some differences between this and previous crime scenes.  She asks to investigate this case separately and so starts her race to find the killer before he can claim another victim.

aired the week of May 29, 2017

The Eighty-Dollar Champion by Elizabeth Letts tells the story of Snowman an unlikely champion with a huge heart.  Snowman and his owner Harry de Leyer a recent Dutch immigrant set their sights on winning the jumping division at the National Horse Show in Madison Square Garden. This is the story of an underdog who never gives up.

aired the week of May 22, 2017

Where it Hurts by Reed Farrel Coleman is a thriller that follows retired cop Gus Murphy.  Gus quit the force when his son died and now he is a driver for a hotel in New York.  When he is tracked down by a petty criminal who wants Gus to look into his son's death, Gus is unwittingly drawn into a web of deception that leads him right back to his old stomping grounds.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

aired the week of May 15, 2017

Loving vs. Virginia by Patricia Hruby Powell is a documentary novel in free verse poetry that follows the landmark civil rights case of 1967.  Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving are in love but unable to marry because of the laws of the state of Virginia.  Mildred is black and Richard is white.  This book tells the story of their life as they work to overcome racial prejudice during that tumultuous time.

aired the week of May 8, 2017

84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff is a slim biography that is a compilation of letters between New York City script writer Helene Hanff and London bookseller Frank Doel.  These letters were written between 1949 and 1969 and paint a vivid portrait of life at that time.

aired the week of May 1, 2017

The Second Life of Nick Mason by Steve Hamilton follows Nick 5 years into his federal prison sentence.  When Nick is offered a fresh start by another inmate, he jumps at the chance not realizing that he has just given himself another sentence.  Now he must carry a phone and do whatever he is told when that phone rings.  Another type of prison sentence.  Is this really a second life at all?

Thursday, April 06, 2017

aired the week of April 24, 2017

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien is a collection of 22 stories about Alpha Company and the things they carried before the Vietnam War, during the war and back home after the conflict's end.  A powerful collection loosely based on O'Brien's own time in Vietnam.

aired the week of April 17, 2017

Stolen Beauty by Laurie Lico Albanese tells the story behind the Woman In Gold painting by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.  The story alternates between Adele Bloch-Bauer the Woman In Gold and her niece Maria Altman.  Adele comes of age during the turn of the century and Maria during the rise of the Nazi party in Austria.  Both women are bright and strong but suffer under the constraints of the age they are living in.

aired the week of April 10, 2017

Desolation Flats by Andrew Hunt is a historical mystery that follows policeman Art Overson after his former partner is accused of murdering an Englishman visiting for the races at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  The Englishman's brother whom Art has helped has gone missing after the altercation and Art is concerned no one is looking past the most likely suspect. 

Thursday, March 09, 2017

aired the week of April 3, 2017

Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal tells the story of Eva a young chef with a once-in-a-generation palate.  Each section tells a bit about her through the lens of someone who comes in contact with her and includes an ingredient essential in her wildly popular pop up dinner club.  Laugh out loud funny with very quirky characters. There is a lot of strong language so keep that in mind when you pick this title up.

aired the week of March 27, 2017

Nine Women, One Dress by Jane L. Rosen tells the story of this year's it dress a little black number designed by Morris Siegel a 90-year-old pattern maker.  Follow the dress as it passes through the hands of nine different individuals and how the dress impacts each of their lives.  A light fun chick-lit read.

aired the week of March 20, 2017

Pale Horse Coming by Stephen Hunter is set in the deep south in 1951.  Sam a small town Arkansas lawyer is hired to find a black man in Thebes, Mississippi.  When Sam goes missing his good friend and former marine Earl Swagger sets off after Sam and finds a whole heap of trouble.