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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Anne Perry's World War I series is composed of five books, the first of which has been listed here previously. Each book is a 'stand alone' story, but this reader would suggest reading them in order as they are a chronological description of a family, countries, the war, and the state of mind of individuals, troops, armies and nations. Ms. Perry, throughout the series, poses almost countless questions of behavior, morality, reasons for war, the protection of a way of life, quality of life and repeats and rephrases the questions; and with reference to the timeing of the stories, what will the individual do following the war given all the societal and cultural changes which occurred 'at home'. These questions can give pause to think (and put current situations in perspective, perhaps) or be taken as a part of the story line. To most of the questions she provides her answer. Two random example, one of question, one of answer; "What are you going to teach your children? Are you going to teach them honor and chastity and how to care for others and be loyal and patient and decent? Or how to take everything you can for yourself, make sure you know all of your rights--and none of your duties"(P198) //and in answer why fight..."It was far from perfect, because people made mistakes, but there was a freedom here that had been learned and paid for over the centuries. It was the right--not only in law but also in practice--to disagree, to be different, inventive, sometimes to the wrong and still be a part of the fabric that as treasured. There was honor and tolerance throughout all the errors and wrongs of history, and that must be saved, whatever the cots." Each book also contains a good and quite satisfying mystery to be solved around which she explores answers and alternative to the questions noted here, and some others, too.
Occasionally the repetition of the questions and the questions surrounding the murders became distracting to this reader; but the series as a whole gives a magnificent, detailed and shattering view of WWI and the horrible lives lived by the soldiers.


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Wonderful series--so hard to put down as you read it, and the characters stay with you.

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