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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Train your mind, change your brain: how a new science reveals our extraordinary potential to transform ourselves, by Sharon Begley (2007). I purchased and downloaded this to listen while I quilted, and ended up quilting for longer than I had planned because I wanted to hear about the next study discussed, and the next...The framework for this book about neuropolasticity (it turns out our brains CAN re-map themselves in adulthood) is the Dalai Lama's acute interest in science, and an annual conference he holds at his home in India. As I am also a reader of the Dalai Lama's work that aspect had some interest for me, but it is neuroplasticity that is the focus of this book by science journalist Sharon Begley and that is fascinating me. She describes the years of research and studies that reveal the brain's capacity to change and adapt--if one cortex of the brain is underused for its usual purpose, then it may take on additional "tasks" normally done in a different cortex. The implications for education are enormous, as are the potentials for medical and health therapies. Thoughts and mental processes can change the brain--changing your mind can change your brain.

Now I am going to have to seek out "The brain that changes itself" by Norman Doidge, and "The mind and the brain, neuroplasticity and the power of mental force, " by Jeffrey Schwartz.


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