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Saturday, March 17, 2007

HEMMINGWAY'S HURRICANE:The Great Florida Keys Storm of 1935—Phil Scott—A great synopsis of an amazing physical event, the most powerful storm, probably in history, to affect the United States coupled with the tragedy of death of hundreds due to bureaucracy, misunderstandings, arrogance and unmet expectations. Scott's work builds, much as a hurricane itself, from the inception of hurricanes through the brutality of it's landing and the devastation it creates. The work is woven with stories of workers at the site the hurricane struck which, to a great degree, contradict the 'official' findings of various governmental agency's investigations following which attempt to smooth over the failings of those in charge. Succinct and layman's terms the birth and death of a hurricane are portrayed; their mission—to disperse heat from the tropics to higher latitudes.(p.206). Because “at full blast a hurricane expends more than enough energy to power all the dams, steam power plants, trains and ships in the world (p.37) we must be more than aware as “Climatologists say that global warming may well brew harsher, stronger storms in this century. As with the flu, we have no way of knowing how bad the next season will be.(p.223)


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