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Monday, February 12, 2007

A FIELD GUIDE TO GOOD DECISIONS:Values in Action—Mark D. Bennett and Joan McIver Gibson. I'd' not planned to make a post on this book, but found it highly credible and one which could be of benefit to almost anyone, especially those who are 'administrators' or serve on boards of groups. The title is very explicit. The authors lay out a 'roadway' for making decisions which are good and will stand the test of time, as well as an explanation of the kinds of decisions which would require such careful methodology. Further the 'field guide' discusses various obstacles to making good decisions, suggesting steps to be taken to recognize and work through them. Especially in the first part of the book, the authors frequently challenge the reader to think (not just read) by posing questions to the reader. Initially, I was frustrated by those questions, but realized they were helpful in understanding the textual material as well as giving an opportunity to 'practice' using the format presented. In my eyes, this is a good resource for anyone who makes decisions, or belongs to groups who do. It provides an and framework for making and communicating transparent decisions which is useful for learning, reviewing and even validation.


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